Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQ to assist you in booking a ride and to get more info about our services.

Sandia Shuttle and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road, or traffic conditions; mechanical failure; or any other conditions beyond our control. Any expenses arising as a result of delayed departure or arrival times, including missed flights or travel connections, are the sole responsibility of the passenger.

How does your shared-ride service work?

Service from the Albuquerque Airport to Santa Fe

Book online or over the phone in advance to guarantee you a seat at your preferred shuttle departure time. Gather your luggage and check in with us. We have a check-in desk inside the Albuquerque Sunport terminal on the baggage claim level, near SW Carousel #6. Please be prepared to wait until your scheduled departure time after checking in with our counter staff. Due to security considerations, the Albuquerque Sunport does not allow us to wait outside at the curb. Our drivers park in the commercial parking lot and walk in to the airport check-in desk.

Service from your Santa Fe hotel, lodging, convention center, or train stations to the Albuquerque Airport

We recommend booking your ride at least 24 hours in advance. Be ready to go 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time. Join the ride with other passengers going to the airport. When you arrive, our driver will drop you off right outside the Albuquerque Sunport airport entrance doors.

When are you open?

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our desk at the ABQ Sunport is staffed from 9AM to 7PM every day.

What are the restrictions on luggage?

Our luggage policy closely follows that of airlines. For each passenger, two checked bags (e.g. suitcase, duffel bag), one carryon, and one personal item such as a laptop case, backpack, or purse ride free!

Extra fees may apply if you have excess luggage, if your checked bag exceeds 50 pounds, if the total dimensions for your checked bag exceeds 80 inches when adding length, width, and height, or if you’ll be carrying a surfboard, pet crate, skis or other large items. Contact us for needs outside of those listed.

How do I find you at the airport?

When you arrive at ABQ Sunport, head downstairs to the baggage claim level, and look for our check-in desk near SW Carousel #6. Check out your email confirmation for specifics on where to find us when you land. If you have not received an email confirmation for your reservation, you can contact us for further assistance.

How many stops will the van make?

The number of stops will depend on the number of other passengers in your vehicle. Most of our vehicles seat 10 passengers. The average amount of stops within a route typically consists of five to six stops, but that may vary based on the destinations of the other passengers.

How do I know what order I’ll be dropped off?

Since we can’t guarantee the sequence of pick-up or drop-off in advance of the ride, we recommend you speak your driver directly to find out about their planned route.

How long will the trip take?

Our shuttle departure time from Santa Fe is the time we leave from the corner of Water & Sandoval, and we pick up guests at hotels around town prior to the departure. Travel time from Water & Sandoval to ABQ Sunport is approximately 75 minutes. Travel time from ABQ Sunport to Santa Fe is estimated as 75 minutes, but the exact time of dropoff at any given stop depends on the number and destination of the other passengers on the shuttle. The driver chooses the drop off order to create the best route for the maximum number of passengers.

What does riding at your own risk mean?

Riding at your own risk means that you booked with a pickup time outside of those times recommended by our system to ensure timely arrival. For customers booking pickup later than the recommended times, we are not responsible for fees resulting from a missed flight.

Where is my ride?

This is the most common question we receive from customers with an impending pickup. If it is 5 minutes after your scheduled shuttle time and the vehicle has not arrived, please call our office at 888-775-5696 and one of our customer service agents will contact the driver.

What if my flight is delayed?

If you know in advance that your flight is delayed, please call our office at 888-775-5696 so we can move you to another shuttle. If you do not find out in advance, just check in at our desk when you do arrive and our desk agent will get you on the next available shuttle. We do our best to monitor inbound flights, but on days of high volume or extreme weather delays that may not be possible.

Do you provide safety seats for children?

New Mexico law requires safety seats for children. Sandia Shuttle does NOT provide child safety seats and we are unable to transport children unless they are properly seated according to New Mexico law.